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Gary Clark Jr.

Blak And Blu

Release Date: October 22, 2012

Label: Warner Bros. Records


Reviewed by: Fernando Espinosa

Sensation Gary Clark Jr. has recently recorded his first major debut album “Blak and Blu.” Austin native, Gary Clark Jr. brings a powerful combination of blues rock with powerful guitars, jazz, and even hip hop in this amazing new album. Clark has recently performed in the Tonight Show With Jay Leno and On Late Night With Jimmy Falon. Leading with a smooth voice throughout his songs, “Blak and Blu” will be remembered alongside other blues rock legends.
The album could not have started a better way than with “Ain’t Messin ‘Round.” With Clark’s electric solo guitar playing is intensely introduced in this song. This energetic song accents Clark’s ability to draw old and new fans.
The album’s title song, “Blak and Blu,” is a sleek and clean representation of a classic style of hip hop that is growing in the likes of many new fans. This song has an innovative way in introducing Clark’s flavor of the genre to its listeners. Paired with a matching smooth beat and vocals, “Blak and Blu” highlights Clark’s diverse musical style.
In “Bright Lights,” the iconic heavy guitar style of the album comes back. “Bright Lights” could be compared to songs by other modern masters of the blues rock like The Black Keys and The Roots. As the drums and guitar sway the listener, Clark sings how you are going to know his name by the end, and if by listening to this album you have gotten to know him, you can be sure that his promise will be kept. The song finishes as strong as it started, and leaves the listener aching for more of Clark’s talent.

“Blak and Blu” is a masterpiece that fans of unique and alive genres will definitely acknowledge.