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Good Bad Movies

By Adam Snydar and Adrian Lopez

Good Bad Movies is the podcast about films that might not be winning any love from critics, but are great in their own special way. Hosts Adam Snydar and Adrian Lopez review and rave over movies that might not be traditionally ‘good’ but are still beloved and worth a watch.

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Just The Tattoo Of Us Cover

Just the Tattoo of Us

By Juan Garcia

Join Juan and Janie as they talk about the thing they love the most: tattoos. From the scene in San Marcos, to the do's and don'ts of getting tattooed, no topic is too far for these two.

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Artist Insider Cover

The Artist Insider

By Steven Phipps

A podcast devoted to bringing on local artists of every sort in order to give a platform where they can share their own unique perspectives of the world.

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