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Released: November 21, 2011
Label: Shady, Interscope
Reviewed by: Tami J

Gadsden, Alabama native Yelawolf (formally known as Michael Wayne Atha) has teamed up with Slaughterhouse and has put forth his debut album RADIOACTIVE. After being labeled as the “Joe Dirt” to the music industry by his own manager he is now on the rise to being labeled as a top dog in the Hip Hop music community. RADIOACTIVE is a 15 track album with a southern twang and a variety of artist features. RADIOACTIVE features artists: Shawty Fatt, Mystikal, Kid Rock, Lil Jon, Ritz, Gangsta Boo, Eminem, Poo Bear, Priscilla Renea, Fefe Dobson, Mona Mona, & Killer Mike. Although RADIOACTIVE’s artist features may seem random they managed to fit right in. If you have listened to Yelawolf’s previous work and mixapes the content on RADIOACTIVE may first appear predictable but when you really listen to the album you eventually start to appreciate the story Yelawolf tells. RADIOACTIVE definitely differs from other recent Hip Hop album releases such as Take Care & Camp, because it contains hard knock life content and a southern edge. Yelawolf is a great addition to the radio waves and it’s not because Hip Hop great Eminem is backing him up along the way. I personally believe Yelawolf is creating a rap lane of his own and shouldn’t be labeled as just a great white rapper but a great rapper period. Overall RADIOACTIVE is worth the listen and receives a respectable 2 thumbs up.

Top 5 songs on the album:

  • Get Away
  • Lets Roll
  • Hard White
  • Good Girl
  • The Last Song