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Fragrant World

Release Date: August 21, 2012
Label: Secretly Canadian
Reviewed by: Melissa Bond

Yeasayer, the psychedelic pop band from Brooklyn is back with their third release “Fragrant World”. Many of you may have heard some of their older tunes on KTSW before such as 2080 from their first album. And I remember from their second album.
The album was just released on August 21st but thus far, it has not made much of a stance in the music world, which is unfortunate considering the success of Yeasayer’s past releases. Unlike the tracks we’ve currently been playing by Yeasayer, “Fragrant World” doesn’t present the same originality but instead is far more psychedelic and repetitive.  
During their brief tour in 2011, they introduced a few songs that are on “Fragrant World”. One of these songs was “Henrietta”, which this past May, Yeasayer performed on Conan O’ Brian’s show.
After performing on Conan, Yeasayer was yet again put forth to another completely different audience when track 7, “Reagan’s Skeleton” was the free iTunes download in August.
If you want to get your fix of psychedelic pop or any more information about Yeasayer and the new release “Fragrant World” go to their website