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The XX


Released: September 9, 2012
Label: Young Turks
Reviewed by: Forrest King

Coexist is the sophomore release from the young, English band, the xx. Coexist seems to pick right up where the first album left off. Their sound is still very much the same and what made them so popular to begin with. There is usually a very simple beat in the background, a very catchy bass guitar riff that repeats throughout the song and varies little. Last to mention are the incredibly sensual and seductive lyrics by Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft. Together these two can whisper the most wonderful of love songs or the most saddening of lyrics. For first time listeners of The xx, I would suggest “Angels” and “Tides”, these two songs really show the emotional strength that this album is capable of. If you enjoyed these songs I sould also suggest, “Sunset”, “Chained” and “Swept Away.” This is a fantastic listen from beginning to end, unfortunately if you wish to see them live you will have to venture out of state.