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WildLife Control


Released: July 17, 2012
Label: Self-released
Reviewed by: Jose A. Gonzalez

The Wildlife control brothers Neil, and Sumul Shah are from Northeast Pennsylvania, and they bring you their first Lp “Spin”. These brothers did not receive much help from studios, but after releasing a video on you tube (, they quickly created a fan base, and received help from fans, and friends. “Analog or Digital” is by far one of the most catchy songs up to date, and their video is amazing. Now, the toe tapping doesn’t stop with the first song; it continues on with “Digguise”, and the keyboard just brings in a rhythm that keeps the body moving. The energy continues to burst in with “Spin”, as the sound sends an electric pulse through your body. The album closes out with “People Chance”, and it’s a perfect close for the album, but four tracks leaves the listeners wanting more from this indie rock band. So here’s hoping WildLife Control will keep at it, and bring more unique sounds that they have successfully found.