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What Laura Says

Thinks and Feels




Released: February 27, 2007
Label: Terpsikhore


By: Todd Baxley

“Thinks and Feels” could not bet a better title, or description, of the new LP from up-and-coming Phoenix quintet, What Laura Says. Throughout the eleven-track album the listener is treated to an engaging mix of enticing bluesy folk-pop melodies and endlessly layered vocal and instrumental harmonies, all brought together with a lyrical influence that is somewhere between that of Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) and Vampire Weekend.

To get a good feel of what the band sounds like one should start in the middle of the album with the songs “Dot Dot Dot” and “Paradice” (Yes, that is how it is supposed to be spelled). The first is a track laden with harmonizing acoustic guitars that will take the listener back to old playground days and the latter is layered with well-harmonized male and female vocals and a foot-tapping piano melody.

From there, go back to the first track and listen to whole LP from start to end. The listener will surely find a well-built compilation of songs that is sure to please all the way through.