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War of Ages

"Eternal" by War of Ages

war of ages




Review By: Derick Garcia

War of Ages' album 4th album Eternal is a testament to the bands progression as a metalcore powerhouse.Right out the gate, track one, Collapse, isn't over bearing or in your face but enough to satisfy the pallets of metal heads and hard rock fans. the melodic chorus with vocalist Leroy Hamp's brutal growls offer a top notch song structure with great song progression.

For the aggressive listener, Desire, would be my suggestion. With some impressive guitar work and less melodic back up vocals, Desire, has to be my pick for some extra epic headbanging.

Bottom line, Eternal is a great record for any metal head to pick up. The guest vocals from Tim Lambesis and Josh Gilbert of As I Lay Dying and Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. are proof that these guys have what it takes to have the long lasting talent and the passion that you can't find in most groups these days. A nearly perfect blend of signature guitar work, a top tier vocalist and methodical drum work, Eternal is the pinnacle album in the metalcore genre today.