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Tilly and the Wall

Heavy Mood

Release Date: October 2, 2012
Label: Team Love
Reviewed By: Jill Stephenson

I have loved Tilly and the Wall since I was in middle school and could not be more thrilled about their first album in four years. Kicking off with “Love Riot,” Heavy Mood starts with everything you would expect from the Omaha based group: high energy, hints of tap dancing, and expressive vocals. “All Kinds Of Guns” is brilliant and one of the records stand outs with the catchy lyric “My baby’s got all kinds of guns/ And he sticks to everyone.” Next up is “Static Expressions,” with Jamie Pressnall’s tap-dancing and the combined vocals of Kianna Alarid, Neely Jenkins, and Derek Pressnall as well as Nick White on keyboards this track could easily fit in on one of Tilly’s older albums. The album contains a number of endearing tracks like “Thick Than Thieves,” “Echo My Love,” and “Youth.” Two of the album’s slower tracks, “Hey Rainbow” and “I Believe In You,” are haunting, well done and have racked up quite a number of listens on my iTunes. It’s clear with this fourth studio release that Tilly and the Wall have grown up. They have married and started families of their own. But it is also clear this group still has a damn good time doing what they do. And they do it well.

Tilly and the Wall will be performing at Mohawk in Austin on the 16th of November.