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The Walkmen

You & Me




Released: August 19, 2008
Label: Gigantic
Myspace: /thewalkmen


By: Ashley Cass

You & Me, the fifth album and follow-up to A Hundred Miles Off exhibits The Walkmen ‘s evolving sound and style. While the album is sulkier and gloomier than its predecessors, it puts the band’s lyrical genius forthright. Unlike the success of their first album, Bows and Arrows, which features hit single “The Rat,” You & Me is slowly gaining popularity in the indie world. An introspective analytical proverb of interpersonal experiences, You & Me explores the human emotions of lust, love and heartbreak.

A burning bass riff and melodic drums compliment singer Hamilton Leithauser’s whiskey soaked voice nicely on the album starter entitled “Donde Esta La Playa,” which translates from Spanish to “Where is the Beach?” The mention of a one-night stand on the track sets the mood and encompassing theme of the album. “Flamingo (for Colbert),” a melancholy instrumental piece, which serves only as filler between the first and third track, provides nothing more than carefully crafted musical noise. The album’s standout track, “In the New Year,” is a heartfelt emotion of self-induced optimism is conveyed by the lyrics: “it’s going to be a good year, out of darkness and into the fire.”

It’s great to see a band such as The Walkmen experiment with a darker undertone and lamentation of words. You & Me truly proves to be an engaging masterpiece for the brokenhearted and barstool depressed.