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The Shaky Hands





Released: September 9, 2008
Label: Kill Rock Stars/ Holocene
Myspace: /shakyhands


By: Grant Barnes

The Shaky Hands have probably the most appropriate band name you could have to describe their music, and Lunglight is Exhibit A. Jangly, loud, and sometimes incomprehensible, overall this album is a powerful piece of work. “Air Better Come” would be the best example of what this band is all about: driving, simple, and catchy. If Radiohead and Interpol had indie-rock babies raised by Neil Young, they would sound like this band. This album is probably a bit too long for what they play, as it does get repetitive at times and singer Nicholas Delffs’s wears thin about midway through the album. Songs like “No Say” and “Neighbors” are long windy things that wear on the listener’s patience. However, they make up for it with more energetic songs like “We Are Young” and “Settle On.” It’s by no means a terrible album, and most of it is quite enjoyable. While the slower songs may wear patience, their lyrics are top notch. Don’t judge this album too quickly.