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The Rapture

"In The Grace of Your Love"

Review By: Frank Makri

In the Grace of Your Love finds The Rapture reclaiming their spot atop the dance-punk genre that they helped begin in the early 00’s.  This is their first record in 5 years, and during that time span, the band has undergone a few lineup changes.  It is inevitable that their sound has changed over that time, yet they have stayed true to their original sound.  Those who loved their 2003 hit- “House of Jealous Lovers” need not worry because some of the new songs will take them back to a time when dance-punk was considered a novelty and didn’t receive the amount of slack that it does now within the indie community.

One of the standout tracks entitled, “Children,” shows the band delivering their trademark sound: the off-kilter synths, the emotive vocals, and the pulsating rhythms that make you want to dance and let loose. The title track shows the bands lyrical outlook exude a more positive light as Luke Jenner croons, “In the grace of your love/I know we can find a way/In the grace of your love/we can find a brighter day.”  This album certainly has a spiritual component to it, and succeeds in transcending the listener to a place where music can truly soothe the soul.  The final track, “It Takes Time To Be A Man,” has an infectious piano melody, coupled with harmonious vocals that are reminiscent of early R&B and Gospel records.  Now that LCD Soundsystem is out of the running with a self-imposed retirement, The Rapture is the last band within the dance-punk circle to continue a unique sound.