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The Ettes

Look at Life Again Soon




Released: August 12, 2008
Label: Take Root Records
Myspace: /theettes


By: Grant Barnes

At their core, The Ettes sound like rock ‘n roll is supposed to. This L.A. band has been gaining popularity and acclaim for a while now, and it is apparent why when you hear this album. Their down-to-earth garage rock sound evokes a feeling of pure energy, and the first song “I Get Mine” sets the tone for the whole album. Lead singer Coco’s vocals are low and melodic, a sixties throwback set to punk rock guitars and drums. Somewhere between The Ramones and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Ettes aren’t interested in letting the house get quiet. “Chilled Hidebound Hearts” and “Two Shakes” sound like they belong in a Quentin Tarantino film, breaking up the punk with a little blues and surfer rock. Overall, this album is just the right length at less than half an hour. Any more would be a bit much, considering after a while the songs do kind blend together. That’s not a bad thing if you are into non-stop rocking, however. The Ettes are.