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The Bird and The Bee

Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future




Released: January 27, 2009
Label: Blue Note Records
Myspace: /thebirdandthebee


By: Aimee Billalobos

After the first and forty-seventh subsequent listen to The Bird and The Bee's second full length album Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future one word kept coming to mind: nice. The whole album, with Lily Allen-esque keyboards (no surprise since the the Bee himself Greg Kurstin has worked with miss Allen) and Candie Payne Reminiscent vocals from the smooth Inara George marry beautifully together for one of the nicest electro pop albums I've heard. Do not misunderstand me, there are plenty of toe tapping worthy gems on this album, including Meteor and My Love, but some of the more laid back numbers, like polite dance song and You're a Cad, let Inara's harmonies shine through. Overall, Ray Guns Are Not The Future is a chill, Saturday afternoon kind of record that leaves you with dancing shoes on and hope for Saturday night.