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The Preservation

Two Sisters

Released: October 28, 2011
Label: Paper Sleeve Music
Reviewed by: Jill Stephenson

A local Austin band to boast about, The Preservation produces a wide range of tracks, each as pleasing as the last. Upbeat and full, their sound is diverse and entertaining for all thirteen tracks. Opening with “First Story,” the album starts out with contagious energy and continues to deliver. Standout tracks like “Happiness,” which comes with an awesome guitar solo from Mario Matteoli, “Fantasmogoria,” a track that showcases Cayce Marsh’s vocals and a sound akin to Tilly and the Wall, and the wonderfully pop inspired “Modern Dance.” Even slower tracks like “Just Wanna Be Loved” prove to deliver, showing The Preservation is not a one trick pony. With distinct 60’s and 70’s influences, the album will make you feel all types of good. Not one misstep is taken, a feat for a first album. The last track, “Third Story” is a favorite of mine that became stuck in my head for days, not that I minded. This album is definitely worth a listen or two or three.