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The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap (Self-Titled)

Released: May 18, 2012
Label: Liberation Music
Reviewed By: Melissa Bond

The Temper Trap, the popular indie group from Australia just released their  self-titled second album this past May on Infectious Music Records. After falling in love with their first album Conditions and the hit single "Sweet Disposition" fans' hopes were set high.
According to a recent interview with the UK magazine NME, the Temper Trap took their influences for the new album from 80's synth pop bands and it is very prominent in several tracks. The song "London's Burning", which you can listen to here on KTSW, starts of with a news clip from during the London riots. This is something that was very popular to hear at the beginning of songs by the likes of 80s punk bands. 
Instead of creating their own sound for the album, it is almost like listening to a dedication to musicians from the 1980's. Which in this case I don't think it is something to complain about but rather an album to appreciate as a successful execution. On the track "Rabbit Hole" The Temper Trap immediately gives of the vibe of David Bowie in his popular tune Space Oddity, slowly building sound as the song progresses. 
There are several other tracks on the album such as "Im Gonna Wait" and "Trembling Hands" that are also worth giving a listen. Although the self-titled release by The Temper Trap has not received as much praise as their first album "Conditions", us at KTSW definitely like it and it is an album worth adding to your collection.