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Superhumanoids: Urgency EP

Review by: Allison Johnson

Superhumanoids are a Los Angeles based Indie Pop quartet whose self-proclaimed goal is to create “music to help kiss the doldrums away.” They made their musical debut on July 13, 2010 when their six-track EP Urgency was released. Since then they have come out with the four-track EP entitled Parasite Paradise, which was released on April 12, 2011, and most recently the two-track single “Mikelah” b/w “A Crowded Hour”, which was released on June 21, 2011. Superhumanoids were a showcasing artist at last year’s SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.

After listening to Urgency, the question “Why have I not heard this?” will likely follow. Superhumanoids have managed to stay relatively unknown since their 2010 debut. It could be due to their minimal amount of touring, but as far as their sound, it deserves wider recognition. During the eighteen minute span that is the EP, there isn’t a dull moment. The band manages to keep you hooked with their combination of subtle/upbeat pop rhythms and their contemplative lyrics, such as the heart hitting opening line of the song “Hey Big Bang” where female member Sarah Chernoff hauntingly croons “All I want to do is feel/but sometimes I feel too much.” There is a continuous use of synths and steady percussion throughout the EP, and also a strong sense of harmony between Chernoff and frontman Cameron Parkins.  Parkins baritone vocals combined with the prominent bass line and catchy backup vocals from Chernoff on the track “Simple Severin” make for an intriguing sound that leaves you wanting more. That wanting more feeling is exactly the reaction that gains the attention of indie rockers around the world, and it is exactly what is going to help Superhumanoids redefine the Indie Pop genre.