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Subspace at Beale St. Tavern

Review by: David Russell

There are some shows out there that have a life and energy like none other. I feel like this is especially often the case with young bands because that stage is their outlet, and they are so ready to jump out of their cage and rattle whatever bit of the world they can wrap their fingers around. On April 3rd, at one of Subspace’s first concerts at the Beale St. Tavern in Austin, TX, I got to firsthand witness being the prey of the rattling, and I have never used the word “prey” (spelled with an ‘E’) with such a positive connotation. The opening band, the Grundles, were an experience I’d never witnessed before. With most members only midway through high school, they took the place by storm! I’d hadn’t seen such a large congregated population dressed so punk since Fun Fun Fun fest, and never of so many young teenagers ready to tear it up. Their show consisted of numerous f-bombs, broken up mosh pits, and the singer looking like he was either about to puke or kill someone as he violently shook on stage with all the words that he shouted. AKA ... AWESOME. To follow the Grundels was a show that my lack of a received positive impression, leaves me with no comment other than the fact that the band was older and didn’t fit with the rhythm of the night’s young energy. Middle slumps aside, the closers, my friends Subspace, played like everything I can only imagine Smashing Pumpkins or Sonic Youth or Pavement might’ve sounded like in their very early days. A 4 piece, consisting of a vocalist/guitarist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer, Subspace brought an explosive amount of energy to the stage both in their set and in between song banter, which occurred not spoken into the mic, but heard from the band members shouting it to one another on stage. Subspace is young and creative and one can tell from seeing them live just how excited they are to be playing, and just how much more excited they get to see you excited.