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Wildlife Pop

Released: October 2010
Produced by: Chris Zane
Reviewed by: Haley O’Sullivan

Stepdad is an electronic-pop group that originated in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In October 2010, they put out their album, Wildlife Pop. Originally they started as a duo in Chicago, Illinois in the summer of 2009 with ultramark and Ryan McCarthy.  After gaining exposure in 2010 by writing the theme song for the very popular web comic, “Axe Cop.”  Soon after that, they added the other members of the band, who are Alex Fives, Jeremy Malvin and Nathin K. After their first album, Ordinaire, which they produced independently using in April of 2010, they came out with the album Wildlife Pop which was produced by Chris Zane in October 2010.  The music that is heard on this album sounds similar to artists like, Suckers, Born Gold and Silly Kissers.  Their music is a combination of pop rock and electronic type beats in their music.  Overall, the sounds that they use with their instrumentation as well as their voices, is very enjoyable.  Just recently they have also signed with Black Bell Records.  This summer they will also be participating in the 2012 Vans Warped Tour.