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So Many Wizards

Warm Nothing

Release Date: August 7, 2012
Label: Jaxart Records

Reviewed By: Allison Johnson

California Natives and Bedroom Pop craftsmen So Many Wizards released their latest and first full-length album Warm Nothing this past August.  With a sound similar to Beach Fossils, Fleet Foxes and Real Estate, So Many Wizards are on their way to the land where Indie Pop dreams come true. This album is a simple, laid back arrangement of songs with a short runtime around half an hour. With the exception of one track, each song is less than three minutes long, but where time is lacking composition makes up for it.
Front man Nima Kazerouni is the prime example of a pop song-writer, creating fast paced, fleeting tunes that you can enjoy without all of the muss and fuss. The melodies are sunny, the guitars are buoyant, and Kazerouni’s voice is warm and sincere.
As soon as you hear the rising and falling of cymbals, ringing guitar and Kazerouni’s soft, slouchy voice on “Never Wake Up,” you’ll get a general feel of the album’s overall chill out theme.