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Sera Cahoone

Deer Creek Canyon

Release Date: September 25, 2012
Label: Sub Pop Records
Reviewed by: Jill Stephenson

Sera Cahoone is relatively unknown, which is surprising due to her work with bands like Band of Horses. But her third album Deer Creek Canyon should garner her some well-deserved attention. The album is named for Sera Cahoone’s hometown and the whole album does a miraculous job of transporting you there with her, in her same headspace, deep in the woods. With vocals that faintly echo artist like Sarah McLachlan and Lucinda Williams, Cahoone is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Bittersweet and honest vocals backed by guitar, drums, light bass, and the occasional banjo and steel pedal is the album’s mainstay and although it may not venture far from there, it manages to perfectly invoke Americana Folk. The lyrics that begin the album “Take my arms away/ Tie them up around you waist/ Lay you down in the sun” give insight to the personal and straight forward nature of the record. “Naked” and “Deer Creek Canyon” are wonderfully crafted tracks that bring you further into Cahoone’s little world. As the album progresses tracks like “Rumpershaker” and “Shakin’ Hands” continue to captivate the listener. The album is a win and is well worth a listen.