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Rupa & The April Fishes


Released: October 2, 2012
Label: Electric GUMBO radio music
Reviewed by: Jose Gonzalez
Coming from the Island of Republic of San Francisco are Rupa & the April fishes, and for “Build” they bring several languages, and music traditions. When listening to the first track I was losing interest, because it had sounds of nature, and I thought this was going to be an album of just nature sounds. I was horribly wrong! “Build” starts off like that, but then hypnotizes you with the lyrics and sound. “Weed” then switches languages, but it makes it even more appealing because it seems like a mystery on what they are saying, and its because they use French and Spanish for their languages. Overall, this album delivers something for every genre, and is a guilty pleasure of how enjoyable “Build” really is.