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Oversaturated EP

Released: September 11, 2012
Label: Sin Duda Records
Reviewed By: Jill Stephenson 

Hailing from Brooklyn, Rubblebucket have established themselves as psychedelic indie rock masters, their latest EP follows in that trend. Heavily synthesized and upbeat, Oversaturated, does exactly what an EP should do, which is get you excited for the upcoming album. Opening with “(Focus) Oversaturated”, Kalmia Traver’s vocals are featured with heavy bass back up, soon the track is layered with clapping and some impressive horns. Next up is “The Flower Man,” a track with trippy lyrics and a groovy beat that is almost trance-like. “Pain From Love” is arguably the EP’s strongest track, showcasing the horns and incredibly catchy lyrics like, “You couldn’t walk on water, even if you tired, but I still think you’re baller.” The fourth track, “Oooh Wa” is straight out of the 80s with an undeniable dance vibe that will make you at the very least attempt to dance. The EP ends with a reprise of Pain From Love and completes the short album that only leaves you wanting more. Rubblebucket will be at the Beauty Ballroom in Austin on the 26th of September.