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Regina Spektor





Released: June 2009
Label: Sire
Myspace: /reginaspektor


By: Jeff Han

The follow up to her 2006 critically and commercially successful album, "Begin to Hope"-Regina Spektor's new album, "Far," is a surprisingly cohesive piece despite the contributions of multiple producers (including the legendary Jeff Lynne). Regina Spektor's lyrics have often centered on the bizarre and eccentric and while "Far" doesn't deviate from this, tracks like "The Calculation" (where she mentions making a love calculating computer "out of macaroni pieces") pushes the boundary of their appeal. Though many of the tracks never approach a Kimya Dawson level of violence inducing cuteness, the dolphin breakdown in "Folding Chair" definitely comes close. Much of the record stays within the sphere of piano anti-folk she's known for. Regardless, "Machine" (an industrial style song that sounds like a fusion of style with Nine Inch Nails) and "Dance Anthem of the 80's" show her exploring new territories. It's when she plays with her sound as she does with these two tracks that she's the most fun to listen to. "Far" is a consistent album that won't be blowing minds anytime soon but will fit in nicely with her healthy discography...even if it does find itself soundtracking half of the CW programming.