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Rachel Sermanni

Black Currents EP

Released: January 30, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Jill Stephenson

U.K. singer Rachel Sermanni’s EP provides a glimpse into what her debut album will sound like. Immediately her ethereal voice layered with deep, mysterious undertones is soothing. Each song has its own niche, “Breath Easy” is simple and gorgeous then “The Fog” creeps in with a darker tone, making it by far the standout track for me. “Black Current” fits with her story telling style and has beautiful strings behind the vocals. Ending with “Song to a Fox,” the slowest track, rounding out the EP. Her voice will draw countless comparisons to Laura Marling as well as Emiliana Torrini, in the best way possible. Although only 4 tracks, the EP is diverse and proves Sermanni’s debut album “Under Mountains” will be worth a listen.