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Porcelain Raft

Strange Weekend

Porcelain Raft - Strange Weekend

Release Date: January 23, 2012

Label: Secretly Canadian












By: Allison Johnson

Strange Weekend, the debut full-length album from Mauro Remiddi, also known as Porcelain Raft, is an album that will surely end up on a best of 2012 list. From start to finish, this 10 track LP creates a dreamy, poetic, and atmospheric feel. It is no surprise that Remiddi is currently touring with M83, Youth Lagoon and Smith Westerns, three bands from which many similarities can be drawn. From pensive lyrics that tug at the heart strings, to the trip-hop beats, to the simple sweetness of a tambourine; Strange Weekend has a lot to offer.
Remiddi’s haunting vocals greatly contribute to the overall feel of the album. During the chorus on “Put Me To Sleep”, Remiddi confidently croons “Would you do something for me, do something for me/Would you put me to sleep, put me to sleep”, a line which resonates that feeling of helplessness we all face from time to time. Once again, he provides his listeners with something to relate to on the more upbeat, tambourine laced “Unless You Speak From The Heart” when he exclaims “And I don’t want to listen unless you speak from the heart, unless you speak from your heart”, a true tell-it-like-it-is lyric. The simple, flowing guitar strumming on “Shapeless & Gone” is the perfect example of the kind of bedroom indie dream pop that is Porcelain Raft. And finally, Remiddi leaves us with a beautiful parting gift in the exit song “The Way In”, when he emotionally states “I wish nothing more than what I have/I hope you can say the same”, a line that could teach us all a lesson about being a little more appreciative of what we have. If nothing else, Strange Weekend is the perfect soundtrack for a reflective walk after a long day.