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Paul Banks


Release Date: October 22, 2012
Label: Matador Records
Reviewed by: Alex Frank

Banks is the latest album from Paul Banks, guitarist and vocalist for the indie rock band Interpol. The first single from the album, “The Base,” is a departure from Banks’ earlier works stylistically. Showing that he is capable of venturing out of the minimalist sound of Interpol and creating a dense and sonically appealing piece.

The track “Over My Shoulder,” shines light on the universal truth of never truly knowing a person. Banks’ repetition of “You only know me like the shoreline knows the sea,” exemplifies the notion that we only know what we come in contact with.

The closing track on Banks is “Summertime Is Coming.” This track focuses on the thematic elements of emerging from a darkened state of uncertainty and despair and the acceptance of the random chaos that is life.  
Overall this release while lyrically sparse and sonically dense rewards the listener with a moving emotional experience. Fans of Interpol will find enough similarities in the songwriting style to enjoy this album, but this body of work should be viewed as a separate entity and enjoyed for what it is.