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Deep Sea Arcade

Released: March 16, 2012
Label: Ivy League Records
Reviewed by: Forrest King

Outlands is the freshman album from the Sydney based band. It seems the identity of the young band is still in flux. The sound and theme of the album seem to change from one song to the next. “Granite City” gives the feeling of psychedelic pop/ rock. However just a few songs later, “Lonely In Your Arms” sounds reminiscent of west coast beach pop and the guitar riff brings The Beach Boys into mind as an influence. The main thing that stays constant is the vocals, which give a slightly dreamy sound to most of their songs. I would also suggest “Girls” and ”Together” for more good music from these guys. Unfortunately the album tour has already ended and it was only in Australia, so if you ever find yourself down under keep an eye out for a local show from these guys.