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Released: August 7, 2012
Label: Hometapes
Reviewed by: Jill Stephenson

Ormonde is a duo of Robert Gomez, who has toured with Midlake, and Anna-Lynne Williams, who is half of Trespassers William. Although basically strangers before deciding to make an album, together they found their strength in an intimate environment. After the first track, “I Can’t Imagine,” the album has you sucked into their serene and delicate world. Each track has its own vibe, each one complimenting the next, which makes for a well thought out and dreamy album. Gomez’s vocals are barely above a whisper perfectly complementing Williams’ dreamlike vocals, when mixed together they feel as though they surround you. Steady beats anchor the album throughout. Standouts include “Cherry Blossom,” “Drink,” and “I’ll Let You Know.” Machine is incredibly unique in sound and has the ability to immediately transport you and stay with you for days.