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One Red Martian

Spit My Brain

Released: January 11, 2012
Label: Gear Records
Reviewed by: Jose A. Gonzalez

Coming straight from Dallas, Tx is One Red Martian, and they bring in an electrifying album. The first track “Terror”, is a great way for the band to start things off, and bring in a unique sounds that begins this eerie journey. Songs like “Flick the moon at mars”, “Slydreamer”, have a relaxing sound as they continue to take you on this journey. This album seems to have a story, just like the band RUSH with their albums. That’s what makes this album interesting because of that journey, and when it picks things up with “DemonDroid”. The keyboard is also used throughout the album, and helps bring this album together. In conclusion, this album will enlighten ones imagination, as the electric sounds flow through.