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Night Moves

Colored Emotions

Release Date: October 16, 2012
Label: Domino Records
Reviewed By: Allison Johnson
Minneapolis band Night Moves recently released their debut album Colored Emotions October 16th on Domino Records. Their sound is something else, with elements of country, electro-pop, indie rock, R&B and psychedelia among others. If MGMT and Neil Young combined forces, the resulting project would be Night Moves. With a runtime falling slightly short of 35 minutes, Colored Emotions is short, but sweet and has a lot to offer.
“Headlights,” the album’s opener and stand out track features harmonica, rhythmic acoustic guitar and drums as well as a psychedelic country twanged electric guitar. Vocalist John Pelant howls throughout the song in a distinct reverbed falsetto that can’t be recreated.  
“Headlights” transitions into “Country Queen,” which starts off as a steady refrain and suddenly turns into a soulful Americana and R&B crossover jam. The tail end of the track then fades into the minute long “In The Rounds,” a small pit stop in what is a journey of an album.
Album closer “Colored Emotions” rings true to its name, taking on the life of a 70’s/80’s era ballad complemented by a sentimental pop baseline, expressive grandiose synths in the background and Pelant’s passionate vocals.
Overall, Colored Emotions exhibits positive vibes. Despite its very limited length, the smooth transitions between songs and occasional stand out tracks make for a satisfying record. Night Moves are truly their own brand of music, mixing multiple genres to create something unique and appealing to ears everywhere.