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Years of Refusal




Released: February 17, 2008
Label: Attack/ Lost Highway
Myspace: /morrissey


By: James Cisneros

Years of Refusal is Morrissey’s latest album, comprising mostly of guitar-driven anthems and a few charming ballads scattered throughout. Like any Morrissey album, ‘Years of Refusal’ would not be complete without his signature style of vocals accompanied by tormented lyrics telling tales about life, suppressed emotions and lost lovers.

The album opens up powerfully with distorted guitars and “big” drums. It’s not surprising seeing as though the late Jerry Finn (Blink 182, Green Day, Offspring) produced the album, who also worked on Morrissey’s seventh solo album, ‘You Are The Quarry’ (2004). This power-pop sound flows almost continuously throughout the record, with the exception of songs like “I’m Throwing Myself Around Paris,” which is reminiscent of The Smiths sound, and “You Were Good In Your Time,” which incorporates Spanish guitar and a subtle jazz-like feel.

It is my personal opinion that Morrissey’s better songs will always be of the 80’s Smiths era as well as his early solo recordings. However, Morrissey is still producing albums worthy of being heard and praised. Die-hard fans of Moz should definitely give this album a listen.