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Mike G

Award Tour EP

Released: November 25, 2011

Label: Self-released


Review By: Melissa Bond

Mike G made his debut into the rap game in early 2010 on the infamous Odd Future’s mix tape Radical. His smooth vocals over a Mos Def beat left fans wanting more. Shortly after this, Mike G released his own mixtape ALI and has been releasing a series of chopped and screwed versions of Odd Future songs along with other popular hip-hop tunes. By the time Award Tour was due to be released in November of last year, the bar had been set quite high for this hyped Odd Future member. However this seven-track mix tape could be considered a disappointment after its long awaited arrival.

It is clear after listening to these tracks that making beats is Mike G’s strong point but however there are not many “stand out” areas to the listener otherwise. The first track featured in this EP “Moracular World” was previously featured on ALI as well, which is confusing considering there are only seven tracks on Award Tour; leaving in question whether or not this was a rushed project for this rising artist. The lyrics used throughout this mix tape are consistent to those of other Odd Future member’s: violence, drugs, weapons, and the rise to fame.

Vince Staples is a treat though, being featured on five of the seven tracks. The title track “Award Tour” and “Michael Douglas” both including extensive vocals from Vince Staples are by far the best songs on the mix tape. Unfortunately for Mike G this release has probably sent his followers in different directions and pushed him back out of the Odd Future spotlight. For Vince Staples’ unique voice and impressive rhymes, he may be sticking around for a bit longer.