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Released: April 14, 2009
Label: Metric Productions
Myspace: /metric


By: Patricia Drew

It’s a self-supporting masterpiece of staggering genius, that’s really all you need to know. You should be aware, however, that I am a biased source. You’re basically reading a press release from the Metric PR team, because I fell in love with Emily Haines with the release of Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? when I was just a high school sponge. But while many of my young loves faded into distant and blurry memories, Metric is one that always kept me engaged and intrigued. This is the one album that’ll make love to me all summer long.

Fantasies retains a harnessed energy that doesn’t let up except to gasp for air on Tracks 4 and 7. “Twilight Galaxy” is one that slows down, yet hangs on to an assertive beat in the foreground. “Collect Call” is the other carrying an excellent guitar tone in the verse, and dreamy keys in the chorus.

Track 6, “Gimme Sympathy,” is probably my favorite, as it pays respects to two legendary musical groups in the chorus with the lyrics, “I can feel it in my bones. Gimme sympathy. After all of this is gone who’d you rather be, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Oh seriously, you’re gonna make mistakes you know, C’mon baby play me something, like Here Comes the Sun.” It’s also got that pushy bass kick that any good pop song needs.

Their previous blue –baller albums always left me wanting more no matter what. But Fantasies is truly that, a mind-blowing release of everything that’s been building up. You’ll be so satisfied; the only thing more you could want is a cigarette.