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Release Date: September 18, 2012
Label: Barsuk
Facebook: /MenomenaOfficial
Reviewed By: Melissa Bond

Menomena, the indie rock band from Portland, Oregon just released their fifth studio album this past September called Moms. The band has been bringing us great music since 2000, and originally started as a side project for lead singer Danny Seim’s solo work “Lackethereof”. However after the success of Menomena the two bands have been of equal importance to Seim.
The first track of the album “Plumage” kicks off the album with energy and powerful vocals. One of Menomena’s strongest points that set them apart is the use of so many instruments and “Plumage” showcases this perfectly for them with strong cymbal, saxophone, and guitar throughout.
The album Moms was to deal directly with the topic of mothers; Seim and Harris the two permanent band members have two completely different upbringings. Seim’s mother died when he was young, and Harris was raised completely by his single mother; the two felt there could not possibly be a better thing to write about collaboratively.
The contrast of the two shows in the music as well. With one of the later tunes “Giftshoppe” it shows a much more melodic, peaceful side to their music. The calm and soothing sound is a great twist for the listener.
The third track “Pique” is melodically intense but still much more low key that the opening track “Plumage”. The lyrics are what impact the listener most in “Pique”, they talk about how Harris’ lack of a father figure is the reason for any negatives in his life. This album truly is made as a tribute to all mothers.
Menomena has yet again brought fans a strong album lyrically and if that wasn’t enough accompanied them with fabulous musicianship. The album Moms was a delight to listen to and undoubtedly will not be the last we hear from Menomena.
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