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Released: November 10, 2008
Label: Vapor Records
Myspace: /megapuss


By: Thea Setterbo

An ingenious collaboration of American folk-rock musician Devendra Banhart, Gregg Rogove of Priestbird and Fab Moretti of The Strokes has yielded a ridiculous result in the form of Surfing, the debut album from Megapuss. With songs that speak to an array of different tastes, Surfing covers all of the bases—everything from over-stereotyped duck people grouching about hummus to cats mewing the “Theme from Hollywood,” and even a rather risqué song explaining exactly what to do with the government. Set against the backdrop of funky Sixties-era rock beats, Banhart’s lyrics are hard to take seriously, however, they do prove that he knows how to derive a damn good song from the most obscure of topics. Without a doubt, Surfing will appeal to many different attitudes, personalities and species.