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The Show




Released: September 9, 2008
Label: Sony BMG Music
Myspace: /lenkamusic


By: Kassie Kitchen

Foreign pop has once again proven its delectable degree of entertainment by presenting Australian Indie-pop princess Lenka Kripac. However, she isn’t simply a sugary songstress. Miss Kripac also graces her playful presence among acting, dancing, and playing keys for her Sydney-based band, Decoder Ring. Currently residing is Los Angeles, Lenka plans to pick up her solo career even more than she already has with the recent release of her very first solo album, The Show. It seems her main intent was to open up and prove she’s just a typical girl with deep views on love, life, and self-image with words like, “I’m just a little bit caught in the middle/ Life is a maze/ And love is a riddle/ I don’t know where to go/ Can’t do it alone, I’ve tried”. The album contains everything from amiable keys and drums to quirky little snaps and claps, showing a slight resemblance to Regina Spektor’s style, which is nothing to disregard in the least.