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Kendrick Lamar


Released: July 2, 2011

Label: Top Dawg Entertainment


Review by: Tatiana Watson

When in talks of the top hip-hop albums of last year, Section.80 is sure to be argued. 2011 XXL Freshman Kendrick Lamar claims to be the voice of his generation and Section.80 is a reflection of that and one in which he succeeds tremendously.

In Section.80 Kendrick focuses on what he sees as the flaws of his generation with emphasis on the problem of his generations dependency on drugs. He does so with deep lyrical content proving himself as an intellectual and quite the wordsmith. With piano melodies, brass horns, and drums heard in a majority of the songs, the album has a jazz vibe going that flows seamlessly with his sincere and passionate lyrics.

Favorite songs on the album include "A.D.H.D.", "Blow My High (Members Only)", and "HiiiPower". "A.D.H.D.", which samples Jet Age of Tomorrow's "Knighthawk", shows off his story telling ability in his tale of a girl choosing drugs over love. "Blow My High (Members Only)" is Kendrick's track in honor of Aaliyah that includes a Pimp C hook as well as a sample from Aaliyah's own "4 Page Letter". And then there is "HiiiPower" which is produced by J. Cole and is the climax of Section.80. The song talks of self-enlightenment, hard work, and the concept of HiiiPower (The I's represent Heart, Honor, and Respect) that Kendrick describes as " a way of thinking with higher expectations, and achieving richness in body and mind. Essentially a quest for knowledge and wisdom of the body, mind and spirit."

Kendrick is quickly growing in popularity and with his words of peace and desires for a more humane society he has received a cult - like following from many of his fans . Within the 16 track album it's hard to find a significant down side. Lamar captures you with his words and puts you in a trance with the instrumentals. Listen and see if you agree.