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Kate Miller-Heidke


Released: June 19, 2012
Label: Sony Music Entertainment Australia
Reviewed By: Jill Stephenson
I have heard Kat Miller-Heidke compared to some of my favorite female musicians like Fiona Apple and Florence + The Machine, naturally I expected to blown away by the Australian sensation. I was underwhelmed. Opening with “Ride This Feeling” it is clear Miller-Heidke has a trained and beautiful voice, but the track is just a pop song, there is nothing deeper behind it. With tracks like “Sarah,” the album attempts to tap into a darker side like Florence + The Machine is often praised for, but the track pale in comparison. “Nightflight” showcases Miller-Heidke’s higher vocals with the humorous lyric “And if one more person coughs on me / I’m going to punch them in the face.” The track “Humiliation” was rather enjoyable as was “The Devil Wear A Suit” and “Fire and Iron” all are slower tracks. The whole album is a bit over produced, the lyrics seem to try and convey deeper meaning, but don’t quite get there. Perhaps without preconceived comparisons, the album may not have fallen so flat for me. Then I could have appreciated the album for what it is, a pop album. Kate Miller-Heidke will be performing at Stubb’s in Austin of September 24th.