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Katalina Kicks

“The Return of Montague Rotter" by Katalina Kicks




Review By: Alexis Guerrero

Katalina Kicks is a powerful indie-alternative band from London.  Their music is so unique that I cannot even put a finger on who they sound like, but they are definitely something to look out for.  Every song on their The Return of Montague Rotter is amazing.  All of the tracks will make you nod your head, tap your foot and sing the lyrics.  I cannot even choose a favorite track on their The Return of Montague Rotter album just because each and every song is great.

Katalina Kicks formed in 2008 in Shephards Bush, London.  The members include: Ian George (Vocals, Guitar), J Creswell (Bass and BVs), Dominic Bishop (Drums) and Geiger Von Muller (Guitar).  Dominic is the newest addition to the band.  He joined when ex-drummer Olly Taylor left in 2010.

Even with being out just a couple of years, Katalina Kicks is already impressing labels in the United States.  Numerous magazines and other media outlets have had great things to say about them.  They've only toured in London, but are looking forward to a tour in the United States in the near future so, stay updated at