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Jimi Hendrix

Valleys of Neptune

Review by: Jeff Goldblatt

I just need to start out by saying that this album is a must have for any Hendrix fan. Valleys of Neptune was released on March 9, 2010 and is an album comprised of previously unreleased material by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. This album offers everything that can be offered by the late and amazing Jimi Hendrix. On this album you will find different versions of a few classic Hendrix songs, a couple covers, and brand new tracks that have never been released before. The overall feel of Valleys of Neptune is that of a jam/practice session by the band. Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the greatest jam bands of all time, perhaps the most influential band of all time. You really get the feel that the band decided to jam out in the studio, and they also happened to decide to record the session as well. Jimi shows his skills as a blues guitarist in multiple bluesy songs, as he adds that classic Hendrix twist that no one else can seem to reproduce. Hendrix was a musician who played in the moment, by that I mean he played what he felt like playing when he felt like playing it. He didn’t care what anyone thought. That really shows here on the album as he expresses his sole through the guitar. The few alternate versions of classic songs like Stone Free, Fire, and Red House show what Jimi is capable of; how he can invent an entire new song out of the same song. It sounds confusing but it’s something your ears have to hear for themselves. I also have to give recognition to the late and phenomenal drummer Mitch Mitchell who bangs away on those drums with unsurpassed skill as only Mitch can do. Also, we can’t forget the man who completed the lineup, the also late and wonderful bassist Noel Redding. It’s hard to fathom that every member of The Experience has passed, but they live on forever in the Valleys of Neptune. Like I have said, this is an amazing album that any fan of Jimi Hendrix or 60s music in general definitely needs to have in their collection. This review can only be concluded with one simple question: Are you experienced?