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Georgia Warhorse

JJ Grey and Mofro: Georgia Warhorse

By: Jessie Clemons

Georgia Warhorse, the fifth album for Jacksonville based band JJ Grey and Mofro proves yet again that they are a force to be reckoned with.  Mofro spreads its wings with this album, establishing themselves as multitalented musicians and displaying their talent across multiple genres.  However, all of the songs off of Georgia Warhorse represent one solid theme and that is imagery.  JJ Grey, the front man and songwriter of the group, paints vivid pictures of the unique swamplands of Jacksonville where he grew up.  Grey also uses these rich environmental descriptions as metaphors for love, loss, and discrimination.

Georgia Warhorse is, in my opinion, a nearly flawless album.  It allows JJ Grey to showcase his impressively soulful vocals without ever detracting from the display of sheer talent that every musician in Mofro possesses.  One of the album’s highlights is a sexy funk track called “Slow, Hot, Sweaty,” that references Grey’s irrefutable flair for calling upon the sounds of 70’s funk legends.  Another stand out song is “The Sweetest Thing,” on which Grey joins forces with reggae legend Toots Hibbert.