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Fang Island


Released: July 24, 2012
Label: Sargent House
Reviewed By: Alex Frank

Major is the third album from the most positive band I would ever listen to, Fang Island. This album isn’t as much of a surprise as 2010’s self-titled release, but keeps the energy and trades the over-the-top spazz rock guitar riffs for more finely crafted songs. Their best example of their more fine-tuned song writing is “Asunder,” which exemplifies their up-beat rock guitar riffs and sing-along inducing anthems.
Fang Island has reined in the out of control song writing from their last album but are still able to pack a ton of energy into their songs. Though admittedly more mainstream this time around, Fang Island shows that they can still go full shred with their instrumental track “Chompers.”
While not as much of a breakout hit as their last release, Fang Island’s “Major” still blinds you with positivity and rolls your windows down for you while you’re driving down Sessom.