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Dylan LeBlanc

Cast the Same Old Shadow

Released: August 17, 2012
Label: Rough Trade Records
Reviewed by: Jill Stephenson

Shreveport, Louisiana native Dylan LeBlanc is only twenty-two years old but his music reflects a depressed soul belonging to a man much older than himself. Described as “gloomy country,” LeBlanc’s follow up album to Pauper’s Field features full arrangements, heart breaking lyrics, as well as LeBlanc’s signature Neil Young-esque voice. Beginning with “Part One: The End,” you are warned off the bat that this album is going to be dark and tortured. The whole album possesses an easy country twang with slow guitar and soft but mournful vocals. “Brother” is a stunning track and is by far the most rocking track of the album. “Where Are You Now” is the mourning of a past love and is both depressing and beautiful. “Chesapeake Lane” and “Cast the Same Old Shadow” are also worth a listen. The record could benefit from some much-needed variation, but LeBlanc has certainly mastered the eerie air of doom and gloom. LeBlanc is set to be on tour this month but won’t be coming down to our area.