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Dum Dum Girls

End Of Daze

Release Date: September 25, 2012
Label: Sub Pop
Reviewed by: Alex Frank

End of Daze is the latest EP from the melodic guitar-pop band Dum Dum Girls. This release feels like a slow procession through a bleak existence that culminates with the acceptance and embrace of the darkness. The droning of “Mine Tonight” sets the stage for a release that’s dripping with 90’s angst all while remaining uncontrived.
“Lord Knows,” is the first single from End of Days and was awarded “best new
track” by Pitchfork Media. Dee Dee’s powerful vocals stand out over the
distant echo of the drums and faint guitar chords creating a sense of serenity in this thematically dark song.
The closing track, “Season in Hell,” is a fitting resolution for this EP and is also
the most painfully 90’s song I’ve ever heard. “Season in Hell,” explores thematic
contrasts between veiled happiness and the underlying darkness and pain by
layering up-tempo instrumentals with an up-beat vocal cadence and soul-crushing lyrical phrases
Overall Dum Dum Girls do an impressive job making a dated musical genre sound fresh and interesting all while reflecting the world back upon itself in a short 18-minute release. The EP works better when viewed as a single work as opposed to the pick and choose nature of today’s casual music listeners.