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Paragraph Nights

Released: January 22, 2013
Label: Bar None Records
Review by: Carlos A. Ibarra

After a year of setbacks, this January saw the release of DRGN KING’s debut album Paragraph Nights. In their first effort, the Philadelphia duo, singer/songwriter Dominic Angelella and hip hop producer Brent “Ritz” Reynolds (The Roots, Wale, Mac Miller), form a sound that is as versatile as their resumes. This album uses driving distorted guitars, airy synthesizers, and groovy bass lines to take the listener on a journey along the bounds of the electronic alternative pop rock genre. Opening the album with its title track clouds of synthesizers, and Angelella’s reverberating voice bid an ode to the sunset before throwing you into the crowd at this year Warped Tour with anthems such as “Wild Night”. Subsequently, the back beat, blues inspired electric guitars, and the chameleon that is Dominic’s voice, on tracks like “Holy Ghost” may lead the unbeknownst listener to believe that he or she is listening to a new Black Keys release.

Though you may not grasp the direction of Paragraph Nights during its opening minutes, Ritz and Dominic are consistent on delivering you a wave of foot tapping, mood enhancing, beats and melodies on other tracks like “Caught Down”, “Altamont Sunrise”, and “Warriors.” Armed with everything in their disposal from acoustic rhythm guitars, to some light hip hop beats, or catchy fast-paced choruses, this album is likely to catch the ear of those keen to the sounds of bands such as Passion Pit, Broken Bells, and Gorillaz. The band hopes to perform over 200 shows by the end of the year. You can catch DRGN KING playing at South By South West in March, or soon in a town near you.