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Dog Bite

Velvet Changes

Released: February 5th, 2013
Label: Carpark Records
By: Jill Stephenson

Phil Jones was recording under the name of Dog Bite long before he became known for his work with Washed Out, finally releasing the full LP entitled Velvet Changes. Opening with “Forever, Until,” Jones eases us into his airy, reverb-filled world. The whole album has a sort of ease to it, Jones seems perfectly at peace and in control as he crafts his universe. It’s apparent from the first track that this album is destine to fall under terrible labels like the term “chillwave,” when this album really deserves to stand free of label, especially ones as idiotic as the former.

“Supersoaker” manages to be endlessly catchy while showing some of Jones’ pop roots. My favorite album stand out has to be “Prettiest Pills,” the first track Jones released earlier this year. Catchy as can be with impressive musicianship, “Prettiest Pills” should earn Jones a wider recognition among listeners. “Native America” utilizes subtly harmonies and hypnotizing repetition of lyrics like “let’s not rush, let’s not rush.” Closing out the album with ominous vocals and foggy instruments is “My Mary,” a fitting end to a great record. Don’t feel bad if you can’t distinguish the vocals from the instrumentals throughout this album, you’ll make up your own as you sing along. It’s worth it. Dog Bite is touring with Toro y Moi early this year, passing through Austin on Feburary 2nd.