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Dear and The Headlights

Drunk Like Bible Times




Released: December 23, 2008
Label: Equal Vision Records
Myspace: /dearandtheheadlights


By: Aimee Villalobos

Having heard of and not completely heard Dear and the Headlights, I was of course anxious to be introduced to the “next big thing”, however the indie rock quintet did not disappoint. The aptly named Drunk Like Bible Times is the sophomore effort from the Phoenix, Arizona natives. The album is like a good party, rousing and loud with soaring choruses such as “Saintly Rows (Oh No)”, and album closer “I know” In between all this raucous good fun are thoughtful, melodic numbers like “Willetta” and “Parallel Lines” giving it just the right balance. Ian Metzger’s vocals evoke a familiarity that is completely unique at the same time and the disk as a whole is the perfect addition to any indie lover’s iPod.