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The Dead Exs


Released: September 7, 2012
Label: Bang Bang Boogalo
Reviewed by: Jose Gonzalez

Currently located in New York city; The Dead exs don’t just bring in the usual blues to the stage; they also add familiar sounds from garage punk. David Pattilo’s gritty voice, and Wylie Wirth create some motivational blues, and a handful of fight songs. Tracks like “More stuff” has a fast pace to it, and sounds like a classic rockabilly song that makes you want to jump out of your seat. The same goes for “Angel from New Orleans” that has the same fast pace theme. “Whole lotta nothing” switches gears, and brings in the classic blues sound, and is slowed down for the listeners to focus on the vocals. Now, the change doesn’t stop there; “Nolita strut” is an instrumental track that has the guitar, and drums speaking for themselves. Overall, this album was very enjoyable as it recreates the blues for new listeners.