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Dallas Green

By: Savannah Shealy

I’ve been listening to City and Colour for about two years now and not a single song ever gets old. Dallas Green is the artist and is where the name comes from, Dallas-city and Green-color. He writes, sings and plays guitar for all of his music. Dallas Green is from Canada and was also Alexisonfire, a post-hardcore band. City and Colour is acoustic/folk music, nothing like his previous band work. One of the main things that I love about City and Colour is Green’s beautiful mellow voice. His music sounds great whether you’re listening to a CD or seeing him live-he’s phenomenal. Although I’m not as familiar with his most recent album Little Hell I am a big fan of his first album Sometimes.

His lyrics are beautifully written. He portrays his sensitivity and creativity through each song. Although a lot of his songs don’t always fall under the happiest of categories, he truly captures emotions with his powerful lyrics that people can instantly connect to. Green’s lyrics are true poetry. If you are interested in City and Colour I recommend songs “What Makes a Man,” “Coming Home,” “Sometimes” and “Confessions” which all fall under a more sensitive category but can truly touch the heart. Dallas Green is a truly talented individual and has become more and more popular through the past couple years. If you are interested in attending Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee you should definitely check out City and Colour because he’ll be there!

Happy listening